Hi! Welcome to the blog. I’m Niamh and I focus on PCOS-friendly recipes that bring happiness. 

PCOS is a condition that can only be treated with diet and lifestyle. The food we’re advised to eat is gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb and dairy-free. 

I found it really tough at the start because food is so tied up with identity. Imagine being Irish and being advised not to eat potatoes? Heart breaking… So I want to share all the food I’ve discovered which makes me look forward to dinner (and dessert!)

Lemon and Sophia are my dog and my daughter. I named the blog  for them because I know I need to look after my health so I can look after them the best I can. It can be really easy to always put others first and forget to look after yourself. 

We live together in Brooklyn with my husband Daniel who deserves a shout out for all the washing up he does.

Small golden Pekingese-mix sitting on grass