What is PCOS?

PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a condition which causes an imbalance of hormones in women. It affects approximately 10% of women of childbearing age in the United States (percentages in other other countries vary due to the gene pool and other factors).

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms can include missed periods, unwanted hair growth, male pattern baldness, ovarian cysts, rapid weight gain, infertility and along with all these physical issues, mental health is a serious concern too.

What causes PCOS?

While there is no conclusive research on the exact cause of PCOS there are three “pools” of causes: inheritance of particular genes, irregular hormone levels and insulin resistance.

Is there a cure?

At the moment the symptoms of PCOS can be managed with diet, lifestyle and various medications. However, no permanent cure has been found yet.

Where did you learn to cook?

In my Home Economics class in secondary school, I learnt a lot about the science of food and various cooking techniques. Beyond that I’ve done a lot of reading and A LOT of practice. There have been many failed attempts…

How do you take your pictures?

I use my Canon Rebel T6, a large marble tile and a painted piece of wood as a backdrop to take my pictures. I set everything up beside a window in my living room and then edit the pictures in Lightroom. I took an online photography course during quarantine and I really learnt a lot.

Do you have any qualifications?

I am not a qualified nutritionist so I link it to reputable sources whenever I make a claim. Nothing on this site is intended as medical advice. You should speak to your doctor or nutritionist before making any drastic dietary changes.

Do you work with brands?

Yes, I am happy to work with brands. If you are interested in a partnership please email me at lemonandsophia@gmail.com